Support your community in choosing a healthy lifestyle this Holiday season

Get Fit Taos KidsWhat is Get Fit Taos Kids?
– A comprehensive healthy eating and active living intervention program that provides education and treatment for obese children/youth and their families in Taos.
– Targets children 8 through 14 with high risk for health problems stemming from obesity
– A collaboration of pediatricians, nurse practitioners, fitness & swimming experts, nutritionist, diabetes counselors, Medicaid public health, Holy Cross Hospital, families and children in rural New Mexico
– The physical activity component of Get Fit Taos Kids is a six week, supervised exercise, swimming and nutritional training program that meets once a week after school

“The key to the success of this program is that we offer a variety of activities and formats to get kids excited about exercising,” said Aura Garver, co-founder of Get Fit Taos Kids and owner of Aura Fitness. “We ask kids who have completed the program to become mentors for the new kids, which serves to empower them and extends the time that they are active with us. Kids learn how important it is to make long term investment in their health now so they don’t have greater health issues as adults. This program teaches them to build a foundation of healthy lifelong habits.”

The Challenge
Childhood obesity is at an all time high – nearly quadrupling in 30 years. One-third of New Mexico’s five year olds were either overweight or obese in 2011.

What we see in clinics and patient rooms
High blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar in children in their first years of grade school

What we know
Healthy eating and physical activity are two lifestyle choices that help prevent obesity

Join us on Saturday, November 23 for this year’s Taos Turkey Trot…for fun, for movement, for physical activity, and to support your friends and neighbors in choosing a healthy lifestyle to help prevent obesity in our community.

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