Taos Integrated School of the Arts Trains for the Taos Turkey Trot

The fourth grade class from Taos Integrated School of the Arts (TISA) has been busily involved in a special P.E. project. For the last few weeks we have been training for the Taos Turkey Trot. Our class will enter under the team name “TISA Trotters”. Our goal is to walk/jog the entire distance and to finish the race as a team. We have been working with parent volunteers at Kit Carson Park on Friday afternoons. We have been working on concepts such as teamwork, positive self-motivation, gradual training, and the importance of stretching, warming up, and pacing. We are learning about health and nutrition, and are excited to participate in a project that will help other young people in the community do the same thing. We will integrate the arts be creating team tee-shirts that represent what TISA is all about.

We encourage TISA staff and families to join us in this fun event!

Ale Collignon
TISA 4th Grade Teacher

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